K’Valentine – Here For A Reason


Album available on iTunes.

Inspired and encouraged by Dr. Maya Angelou, K’Valentine pursued writing poetry to the point where they transformed into emotional songs. Having hustled hard since 2011, K’Valentine released three mixtape and performed in a slew of events that eventually has led to her debut album – Here For A Reason under Talib Kweli’s label – Javotti Media.

Here For A Reason matches her lived experience. It’s a real-life exposé, describing her life down to the details of her relationships with people, places, and her growth. The album resonates well with her artistic ability – meaning that there’s not a smidgeon fakery. Having gone through various family hardships, the album shows you a real human side. Just listen to song “Us” where she spars with label boss Talib Kweli.

Overall, Here For A Reason is true to its livelihood, relatable to audiences in today’s social ecosystem, it’s enlightening meaning that it has substance, and it’s a brilliant display of poetry, metaphors, and wordplay that makes Hip Hop fun.  Album features: BJ The Chicago Kid, Scotty Atl, Talib Kweli, Kendra Ross, and Tweet.

K’Valentine gives me confidence that there’s smart talent out there who have substance, are poetic and relatable to their audiences. I think K’Valentine has a bright future ahead of her. Stay true is the lesson we can all learn from K’Valentine.

Favorite track(s): Honestly all songs have substance and a nicely produced.


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