VIZUAL: Cypher Cure – Water is Life

Cypher Cure

One day we will wake up to the reality of no water. When there is no water there will be no life. As it is, some communities don’t have access to water. Other communities don’t have access to clean water. And other communities are facing the possibilities of water extinction due to various forces working against the interests of the people.

Cypher Cure, is a youth and community-based non-profit organization who exists to carry on the tradition of hip-hop as a positive and empowering art-form. The “cypher” or circle represents community youth can develop their skills, receive support and mentorship for personal growth and engage in experiences in nature. Source

Cypher Cure enlisted a lyrical powerhouse, using the power of words, to voice their fiercest concerns while making an argument that acts as a social mirror to the reality. Listen to the words and reflect on what they are saying. Will you be the change? The one who changes people’s perception about water at a local level? This is not a political issue – it’s a human issue, one that deals with life and death.

Have you ever seen Blue Gold?



2 responses to “VIZUAL: Cypher Cure – Water is Life

  1. I love this!… so expressive with a fantastic and soulful message at the same time…I love the beginning with Freddy Lopez, you need something to really catch the ear/eye and he brings it!… xoxo

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