The Jazz Jousters – Locations: France

Location - France

The Jazz Jousters’ Location: France is a robust sounding compilation created by a diverse group of individuals destined to engage the minds of its listeners in one single location, France.

Influenced by the jazz sounds of France, The Jazz Jousters know how to entertain us with their imaginative and inspiring music. They help channel a lot of hope through their vibrant rhythms, nearly capacitating our momentous daydreaming into a charming reality.

Needless to say, Location: France is available via cassette for very limited time, in fact, their first pressing sold out in less than 24 hours. Go ahead and enter the journey into France.

Remember to bring your passport, only Gadget knows where he’ll take us next.

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Album compiled and mastered by: Gadget at the Audio Dojo
Artwork designed by: James Greenway.

Production by: Stay Classy, SmokedBeat, Pawcut, Gadget, Mr. Moods, Vinkate, Slone, and Bones the Beat Head.


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