Oldy Clap & DJ Skandal – Dust Dealers

Oldy Clap Dust Dealers

Oldy Clap & DJ Skandal released the 10-song album titled Dust Dealers in February. Dust Dealers serves a pedigree of conventional hip-hop jazz music, comprised of sample selections that are accompanied with a storytelling treatment. What I mean is that Dust Dealers is a deeply embedded fusion album that hints on elements of World music as well. It really takes a curious listen to grasp the brilliant concept of Dust Dealers.

I’m a fan of short albums that dig to the point, it makes the listening experience more enjoyable. More important, in listening to Dust Dealers, I can intuitively listen to all the hard work that was put into it. Such as the thought process and time, which I truly appreciate as a fan and a music curator.

Dust Dealers is sure one of my favorite albums of 2015, that’s why it’s on STERYO.

Buy the limited edition vinyl LP

Dust Dealers vinyl1 Dust Dealers vinyl 2


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