The Jazz Jousters – Locations: Nigeria

Locations- Nigeria

What reminds you of Nigeria? Is it the music, the aromas, the arts, films, the people, or the embodiment of everything that is rich in soul?

Nigeria, known for internationally acclaimed artists like Fela Kuti, Sunny Ade, and Femi Kuti to name a few, has been the center of African musical movements. Their music has been a mutually fusioned experience; where Nigerian music was influenced by American jazz in one generation, while influencing hip-hop in the next.

Nonetheless, creativity has been the cornerstone of the Nigerian experience, brought forth by oppressive regimes while envisioning a brighter future of their people through artistic and legacy driven channels.

Today, the Jazz Jousters have combined a unique blend of sounds that remind us on how the Nigerian music culture has influenced new-age hip-hop.  It also reminds us that Nigeria is not limited to music; it offers us an opportunity to uncover  Nigeria, a country rich in historical artifacts.

Locations: Nigeria is available on Bandcamp via a limited edition cassette. 

Locations nigeria tape 2 Location - Nigeria tape 3 Location- Nigeria tape

The album features music from international beatmakers: SmokedBeat, Pawcut, Stay Classy, Vinkate, Scaley Walez, Es-K, Mr. Moods, and the Gadget.


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