My Neighbour Is – Buddha Fly

My Neighbour Is

Cold Busted Records is a purveyor of quality music with a story to tell. In fact I believe they’re a premier independent music label who among its awesome artists and releases, is a group that is reputable and knowledgeable in global hybrid hip hop music. My Neighbour IsBuddha Fly album just proves my point.

The prolific Manchester-based artist known as Robot Needs Oil has been found covertly recording downtempo, reggae, and hip hop fueled beats under the curious name of My Neighbour Is. Buddha Fly is the latest album for the Cold Busted label under this moniker and it serves as an immersive downtempo / hip-hop hybrid. Half pitched-up and pungently stringy, half laid-back and enveloped by a smoky haze, the album could be the soundtrack to a fable … and a funky fable, at that. This split sees the release’s ten tracks teeter on the edge of trip-hop at times while flirting with antique sounds from days gone by at others. Anyone looking for an out-of-body experience traveling partner will find their match in Buddha Fly.

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