Esbe – Bloomsday


Los Angeles beatsmith Esbe releases his long-awaited, but well-crafted fusionary instrumental album Bloomsday. I call it “fusionary” because it fuses multiple sonic sources from various sample originations with a purposeful and mastered vision. On hand the album is nostalgic, but in between the nostalgia there’s a transitory pathway that turns the present into a euphoric future.

But if you look into the title of the album – Bloomsday, and its album cover, in many ways it becomes a metaphorical reflection of oneself. You have a rocket blasting into what it suppose to be space, but instead of launching outwardly, the rocket blooms into a flower and assumingly stays suspended in the air as if to resemble being high and enlightened. Enlightenment is then only possible if you listen to the composition of the album, in its entirety.

Therefore, you cannot miss out on this great opportunity to invest one hour of your time to indulge in the ambiance created by a genius that simply wants to leave an imprint in our souls and an impact on what we positively do with our thoughts. Come Bloom with us, on this day!

Peace y’all


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