Claire Renee x Bagir-BA – Breaking Codes


Breaking Codes is an awesome collaboration between heartfelt soul singer Claire Renee and eclectic sound architect Bagir-BA. The combination of a beautiful voice with beautiful sounds is a marriage made in music heaven. I cannot stop listening to the album simply because it inspires long gone memories of what authentic R&B soul music was. I feel like if I stop listening, I’m going to miss out on something truly genuine. Something inspired by voice or sound that could become an etching on my heart and provide me the necessary juice to perpetuate love.

For one, R&B Soul music is so hard to come by nowadays. Since the modern commercialization of music, R&B soul singers have been largely squeezed out by mainstream pop and hip hop music. Sadly enough, R&B soul has remained in the shadows and by some accounts, has been largely neglected by reputable music publications. At least at STERYO, we recognize that quality R&B soul music remains alive and well. It may not be mainstream, but who cares when the music is truly genuine. What matters is that Claire Renee and Bagir-BA have made history in the microcosm of our Internet generation.

A special thank you to Alex Bloom for hooking onto Breaking Codes.

Don’t miss out on this truly genuine album – download here.

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