The Jazz Jousters – Locations: Brazil

The Jazz Jousters Brazil

The Jazz Jouster’s have begun to take us on another journey with Locations. In celebration of the world’s cultural makeup, Locations is bound to become the most innovative non-lyrical musical narrative ever explored by a collective – that pays a special appreciation to the fans who reside in each explored location. In its essence, Locations is to music what backpacking trips are to travel. Except the Jazz Jousters have made this special travel arrangement affordable – at a price of £5.

Their first release – Japan, introduced the Jazz Jousters’ to the possibilities of stretching the imagination of music, and their follow up – Brazil – only demonstrate that the possibilities will be endless. Brazil, like Japan, is a sonic ethnographic study of the cultural landscapes, where history is the time-stamp to long cherished dreams and the rhythmic patterns are the stories vicariously told by wise men and women. The love for Brazil and it’s cultural history is seamlessly intangible; it’s an unforgettable moment that can be generously shared in any environmental setting.

Now make this experience tangible – by buying the limited edition Brazil cassette.

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