B 3 N B i – Eyes to Dusk

Eyes to Dusk

Eyes to Dusk is a visionary tale, gauging a superfluous world against a constructed and unfazed reality minutes before nightfall. As the long arm of the clock ticks and the seconds of the closing day breeze through, B 3 N B i’s enigmatic sample-based production style steals the remainder of those moments with meticulously chopped samples and sticky bass-lines that ruffle the microscopic hairs in your ears. But no worries, those hairs have not moved since You, Yourself dropped in September 2013, and it’s totally understandable!

The chill-factor is immediately felt upon the rhythmic entrance of The Effects of Wander and I swear, that chill-factor is sustained throughout the entire record, until you bid Farewell. If you let the music play – you’ll understand why B 3 N B i chose Eyes to Dusk.

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Eyes to Dusk was presented by BLVNT Records – make sure to stop by and check their AWESOME catalog.


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