DistantStarr x K15 – Dying Breath


Dying Breath is the first collaboration between rapper DistantStarr (USA) and beatsmith K15 (UK). More graphic novel than beat tape, Dying Breath plays out themes of love, obsession and duty over beats guaranteed to make your head nod and your heart swirl.

“You think you seen crazy, you ain’t seen nothing yet” sets the tone perfectly for ‘A Fight’, the opening number that creates a dark, heavy and sudden atmosphere, with anger and danger lingering in the protagonist’s every syllable, as he sets off in search of happiness.

This feeds into ‘A Beautiful Death’, with flavours of melancholy and frustration leading the protagonist’s soliloquy.

The EP ends with the title track – a final lap through the darkened corridors of our narrator’s mind, a hauntingly scored finale with screams of sadness and loss.

Listeners beware: Dying Breath IS a musical odyssey, a tale of unrequited love against a backdrop of beats and electronic wizardry which will leave listeners hitting the repeat button several times over.

What people are saying:

Hayden Brown (Obsessive Impulsive Radio) Dark futuristic electronic beats by K15 which are inherently soulful and elegant at the same time. DistantStarr an artist I’ve been checking since his collaboration with Buscrates, perfectly suited to narrate this expansive journey. Favorite track: A Beautiful Death.

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