The Jazz Jousters – Connect The Dot’s #32

Connect The Dots

The most interesting thing about The Jazz Jouster’s new release Connect The Dot’s – is the sound aesthetics built around the harp. It’s quite a unique experience because it reminds me of a conversation where both interacting parties maintain topic resonance and relevance without having to delineate away from the purpose of discussion. Just think for a minute when the last time you listened to an album with sustained clarity of one single instrument?

With so much sampling happening, a beats purist could appreciate the impact of Connect The Dot’s – it actually makes me happy to know the Jazz Jousters are always pushing the envelope, after two years together, and how they maintain concept discipline and consistency throughout the entire album. As I’ve said many times before, this is the only time in our history where we get to celebrate artistic expression of this manner, albeit with many choices, the Jazz Jousters give you no excuse not to participate in their journey. I LOVE THE JAZZ JOUSTERS!

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Es_K –
B3NBi –
Gadget –
Pawcut –
RickMal –
Mr. Moods –
Stay Classy –
ScaleY WaleZ –
Diligent Fingers –
Bones The Beat Head –

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