The Jazz Jousters recreate the origins of history with “The New Genesis”

New Genesis

Anyone that knows me knows how passionate I am about music, about the world, arts, culture, community, and people. I traveled to many countries, and these elements described are always present. To me they represent freedom to become part of their human expression, as well as their expressions becoming part of my expressions. In a way, those expressions become an extension of who we are, and who we want to become.

There’s something about how we create our own histories and how we describe our histories to one another, to society, and to the world. We always hope that our histories remain, just as much as culture is never forgotten, we always want things to continue flourishing – we want to leave a part of us within the universe.

I’m most excited when people come together to celebrate, to create, to achieve, and to become. Becoming something is rather the larger presence, but to become is not an individual achievement, it takes community participation, above all it takes practice. Imagine if Wu-Tang Clan were only RZA – would the name be impactful? Imagine if Bone Thugs and Harmony was only Crazy Bone? Or the Beatles – only Paul McCartney, etc. These groups created their histories through absorbing each and every member’s ideas and together they embraced the opportunities and challenges – they performed their hearts out. They showed us what it took to be consistent, what it took to progress, and what it took to be competitive – to win or lose – they showed us history.

When I first discovered The Jazz Jousters back in July 2012, I felt their passions for Jazz and Jazz-fusion. As time went on, I became emotionally attached to their music because I felt that their musical expression was an extension of me, something I wanted to become, but rather became who I am. They gave me something to think about, something to write about, and something to live for. Each member I became a fan of because every member poured their heart out on every track creation. Every release was like a new episode, split into seasons. More importantly, their presence became my history – it became my personal identity.

The New Genesis to me represents a new origin for how we determine history and how we create history. Today, with social media platforms, we have the power to create our own histories. We no longer have to depend on expansive textbooks to tell us what to believe, instead we create what we believe and we share what we believe to who ever we believe, believes in us. I believe in The Jazz Jousters. Welcome to The New Genesis!


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