VIDEO: Italix – Beautiful Artistic Intelligent


Infinite Techniques Applied Lyrically in Xhibition is the full meaning for Italix. otherwise known as Alexander Roth, a Hip Hop/Reggae recording artist/producer/entrepreneur from Orange County, CA. Italix is a well-known fixture in the local music scene, and after spending several years developing his brand and working with various management and indie record labels, he branched out and founded his label Free Foundations. He expects to release a few singles in the coming months, including an LP in Fall 2014.

Italix brings a much needed balance to the local Hip Hop scene, as a matter of fact, his new song and video Beautiful Artistic Intelligent (Produced by: DiBiase) forms a new foundation for crafting songs that represents something as meaningful as love, yet inspiring us to take action on love – it sets us toward a path where maturity is the new color to paint great thoughts on an imperfect canvas. As he told me “Beautiful Artistic Intelligent…is about my lady [Steady Jenny], an award winning photographer who also shot the video.” If this video and song don’t move you as it did to me – I highly recommend you play this 15 times and reflect on each word. It will bring you joy! – come get it BAI!

In the meantime, visit Italix and download a FREE copy of Beautiful Artistic Intelligent – serenade you significant other and don’t forget the roses. I love you!

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