10 Reasons why I Love Phora!


10 Reasons why I love Phora!


There’s no denying that Phora has taken the underground Hip Hop scene by storm. Arguably his presence has been monumental and good for the sake of Hip Hop. The last two years have been basically his, and sometimes it’s hard to imagine how a 19-year-old kid has made an impact, but we’ve seen this before. Take note that some of the biggest names in Hip Hop were around Phora’s age when they made an impact. Legends like Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Nas, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube to name a few. Some may say it’s a matter of luck or time, and other’s may say it’s a matter of seeing the opportunity and taking charge. However, there’s no denying  Phora is and will always be our Hip Hop history.

Here are my 10 reasons why I love Phora.

  1. His work ethic – Since 2012, Phora has released three albums; Still a Kid (2012), One Life to Live (2013), and his newest release Sincerely Yours (2014). While kids his age are in school or working jobs, Phora has worked consistently on his craft. If you think writing lyrics is easy, try writing three albums and countless of singles, while at the same time touring, working with producers and promoters, and his duties and responsibilities of everyday life. Phora is a combination of work ethic and talent, and with every album delivered, there’s a defined artist who’s revolutionizing his self and others.
  2. His song concepts – Sincerely Yours consists of life topics that deal with self, family, friends, and the relationships between all factors that defy time and place. Phora is natural poet and storyteller, who use the power of analogies and metaphors, often reminding me of Edgar Allen Poe and Shakespeare with a touch of Niccolo Machiavelli (The Prince). For example, On Forgive Me Mother, he reminds the youth of a special person who is taken for granted and seldom given credit for the sacrifice. Mother’s of the world are often placed in the middle of a child’s problems and thus sacrificed (Listen to the song). Catharsis is another track that provides insight on personal development and the unraveling the person under the spotlight. Lastly, Make You Feel is a passionate love story between woman and abuse that comes in the form of a man or drug. There are many references but this should open your mind to the Phora possibilities on Sincerely Yours.
  3. Speaks a truth and has something important to say – While mainstream rappers are digging deep in the allure of money, drugs, and glory, Phora gives us a powerful alternative – away from the cliff of doom with special consideration to our selfish tendencies. Here’s a hint – find something in this world that you’re passionate about. On The Root of all Evil (click to see video)

“I put my momma in a house before I’m in a Benz, I’d die twice and come back before I get no friends, and I’ll take my spot back on the couch cuz I’ll never be a slave to the money I count”

  1. Leader of the new generation – Often times we are reminded by mainstream Hip Hop media sites of the genre’s future, just look at the annual XXL Freshman List. Someday we’ll see Phora on that list, but for now let’s think about why he’s the leader. First, just look at the iTunes charts – who’s top 15 on the Hip Hop Charts? – unless you’re mainstream with limitless dollars, chances of seeing a Phora-like artist on an international digital chart will probably be slim. Second, he’s the visionary behind  a youthful group of artist who go by the name of Yours Truly. Lastly, he speaks the language of his fans and they love him…a lot!
  2. Relationship with one producer – as a former producer myself, one thing I appreciate about Phora is his current relationship with Eskupe. There is loyalty, respect, and admiration, as well as personal and professional development in their relationship and craft. They are taking us back to the early 90’s when NY rappers use to rock with one producer.
  3. Visionary – Phora’s creativity is not just something for us to visually see, hear, and become entertained – his craft make us think and talk amongst each other. Because of his music and visual art, we can strive to become better human beings.
  4. Connection to his fans – I’ve visited his Facebook page and he is one of million of artists who comments on this post. He truly appreciates his fans for the opportunity to inspire through his music. I sense his connection is naturally human. He even asks his fans Comment the city you want me to perform at and Ill reply with the flyer and info to my show in that city!” – How awesome is that?
  5. Humble – did you see that he bought his mother a car? That’s impressive for a 19-year-old kid. Again, it goes back to remembering his family and friends who have helped him become the person and artist he is.
  6. He’s not a businessman; he’s a business, man! – How many of you know that Phora is his own business – Phora, LLC. Not only is Phora an artistic leader, he definitely a business leader at the young age of 19. How many young men you know own a business? Phora is showing us something powerful – the evolution of prosperity channeled through corporate entities that will provide jobs and opportunities for youth in the near future. He’s flexing his Bill Gates muscles, watch out!
  7. Strictly Independent – Did I forget to mention that Phora reached #8 on the iTunes Hip Hop charts as an independent artist? He beat Rick Ross, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, YG, and Kid Ink. Something very powerful and unique is happening here. This is the rise of independently owned businesses led by independently minded artistic and business people who will outwork and outperform mainstream artists. As an independent, you are your own boss and you make decisions are they come. Being independent is recreating yourself and your future by being innovative via creative freedom.

Buy Phora’s new album Sincerely Yours here.

Visit Phora at www.OfficialPhoraClothing.com for album and merch purchases.


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