The Jazz Jousters – Digging Deep with John Hicks

dgging deep

The Jazz Jousters return with their monthly tribute collection series Digging Deep…for John Hicks, American jazz pianist and composer.

Did you know that this project came about because of a challenge posed by Alpha Sallou Dalmao during a conversation with MJM founder Gadget? Dalmao is founder of Le Gros Tas de Zlk blog and radio show and has expert knowledge of jazz music. Imagine the challenge felt by the Jazz Jousters. In a nutshell – the Jousters got heads around the expansive but hard to find John Hicks archive and selected a few pieces to chop and sample.

Digging Deep features beat maestros Oldy Clap Recordz, Es-K, B 3 N B i, RickMal, Gadget, Mr. Moods, Pawcut, Dr. Dundiff, Stay Classy, and newcomer – conducting his post-doc research in Beatlosophy – Dr. M∆D.

Cover art brought to your by Bones the BeatHead.

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