Josh Furey – Petals


Petals is the second solo release from Canadian producer Josh Furey. It is the amalgamation of two years worth of bending and shaping samples and live instruments into eleven exceptional songs that traverse multiple genres of music. The follow up release to the award winning album Archaeology, Petals is both an homage and practiced addition to the musical styles that inspired it. This album was made with love and attention to detail; an attempt to build upon and master an art form rather than break free from its confines.

What people are saying:

Lucky Lady I love this album! Can’t stop playing it!

Runman Petals….as good as it gets. I wanted another ‘Archeology’ but this album is just as good, better even, play it 5 times and your hooked as. Favorite track: Petals.

Rowan Converse You don’t get much better than this, although i don’t doubt the next Furey release will be better yet. A true masterpiece. Favorite track: Ossein.

Petals is available as digital download, compact disc, and limited edition 12″ vinyl. Get your copy here!
Follow Josh Furey @ Nocturne Records.

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