Mr. Moods – Catharsis

What’s the meaning of Catharsis? The ever so wonderful Mr. Moods provides a solid aural definition that requires no visual demonstration, except the usage of your imagination. When it comes to creating music and the expressions that parallel, Mr. Moods is the craftsman of any mood. Heck! they don’t call him Mr. Moods for show.

Catharsis is a masterful creation that reminds me of a passage through obscure woods where no light penetrates and my guidance is directed by sheer intuition. I bump into trees and dip into potholes but somehow the melodies provide me the necessary power to carry on. It must be the drums, then again it’s just his music. It does something to you that no one will understand, but you. It’s conscious and perhaps it’ll level the playing with any person you deem competition.

Beware, Catharsis is not just a one album presence. Mr. Moods has a healthy diversified sound portfolio under his belt. If Wall Street was to ever collapse and a bartering system was implement, and music was the supreme commodity, Mr. Moods would be the Bill Gates version of wealth sophistication.

With regards to the meaning of Catharsis, Mr. Moods’ let you decide. Let Catharsis take over you!

Mr. Moods – Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp


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