Review: B 3 N B I – You, Yourself

B3NBi  You Yourself

Released by FlyByNight Collective, B 3 N B i delivers arguably his best work to date. You, Yourself is a masterful sampling composition that furnishes the ears and mind with soulful sound bites and nostalgic reflections of bygone – sampling era.

With waving bass lines and thumping drums kits, You, Yourself will remind you of many prior artistic interventions. However, B 3 N B i will leave with you his own genuine perspective that shall not be confused for prior compositions. For example, the album is not cheap in its sampling patterns and technique. If you pay close attention, you’ll notice pattern changes, e.g. hooks, bridge, intros, outros, etc. Along with sample diversity are the drum selection, instrumentation, and sound bites, which clearly demonstrate the capacity of sampled perfection.

Created out of $20 worth of 45’s purchased from a Phoenix, AZ DJ in a Beat Swap Meet event; the end result is 14 tracks of content. As far as the album title, B 3 N B i states “there’s no real concept to this album.” He further adds “it’s a glimpse into the kind of beats that don’t take too long to put together.”

Whatever time it takes B 3 N B i to craft genuine sampled beats, You, Yourself moves him closer to a space left void by legendary J-Dilla.

He has a gift that will keep him paid, either in praise, monetary, or reverence, B 3 N B i is here to stay.

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