The Jazz Jousters – Jimnastics


The Jazz Jousters’ new release – strumming with Jim Hall (Jimnastics) previous musical works from “one of the greatest Jazz guitarist of all time.”

Jim Hall was born in Buffalo, NY and educated at the Cleveland Institute of Music before making his way to Los Angeles, CA, where he gained national and international notoriety in the late 1950s. By 1959 he taught at the Lenox School of Jazz and toured with the Jazz at the Philharmonic, as well as worked with Ben Webster, Bill Evans, Paul Desmond, and Ella Fitzgerald, to name a few.

The short stint in Los Angeles enabled Jim Hall to gain respect and admiration by his peers and fans alike. In 1960, he moved to New York where he led trios with Tommy Flanagan and Ron Carter, in addition to landing a gig as a band member for “The Merv Griffin Show” on prime-time TV.

Jim Hall was featured on Sketches from PROS Folios in where his musical style was described as:

“[it] develops with every new album and collaboration he engages in. His approach to music is unique – he views music as a way to break all barriers, not limited to music, as well as to share his discoveries with others. Music is a vehicle of peace for Hall and he therefore makes it a goal to reach out to others and communicate his music, teaching seminars all over the world. He is innovative and always interested in new modes of musical expression to further his ability.”

Further adding to describe Hall’s music as “mellow, warm, gentle, subtle, rich, and lightly amplified” where horns are an influential instrument to his “harmonic, melodic, and rhythmic” elements when arranging musical pieces.

He has continuously been active, performing and recording, including a commission by Towson University in Maryland where he composed a concerto for guitar and orchestra.

In 2012, at the age of 81, he landed a playing with Blue Note in New York City, in addition to a number of Jazz Festival across the US and Europe.

His career has spanned over six decades translating around 80 albums, including collaborations and band member projects.


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