Erik Jackson – Remember the Night

Erik Jackson

Erik Jackson’s recent release Remember the Night was an emotional composition that required “many long hours, headaches, and heartache” for the project to come out the way that best represented the concept of remembering the night. With a year invested in arranging every instrument in live format, Remember the Night emulates the celebrations in life we each undergo everyday. Many events occur in one day, let alone – year, now just for a second imagine that if life was music and the chaos question was: how do I arrange every sound into one full album without compromising the intrinsic value of rhythm? The yang answer to the question would sound pretty much like Remember the Night.

Thus the album is a sonical ode to how we perceive order to be accomplished without the necessary intrusions of forces that cloud our perceptions of life. This album is what makes up happy, it is what keeps us going in the middle of the night, and it creates a historical storyline for listeners to enjoy and for those listeners to pass down.

Erik Jackson – facebook // twitter // bandcamp


Erik Jackson is a master musician from the Orlando, Florida area who produces nujazz/trip hop/drum&bass music and has released various projects through record labels such as Dusted Wax Kingdom. He is a frequent collaborator with Canadian producer Mr. Moods – they recent collaboration was Clair de Lune.



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