Single: SPA_CES – Thirty Three feat. Ariano


When artist express their most personal emotions about relationships in their music, it is our duty as listeners to pay close attention to the words and concepts that arouse attention to our own personal matters. By carefully listening we create an opportunity to channel those same emotions into making our relationships fruitful, whether we learn from them now or tomorrow, when we look back at yesterday it’ll all make sense.

The music doesn’t have to come from some mainstream artist signed to a major label for you to grasp life, and as such for those concepts to become credible sources that create some type of change. Many local grassroots artists have wonderful things about life to share like this thing called perspectives; after all this is what makes social network useful, to share.

SPA_CES will change something about us. It’s this concept for change that I like to call gradually organic – meaning if you allow an idea to simmer in your mind and you allow the proper time and consideration without more external forces clouding your mind, eventually those ideas will become your life , it becomes your own way to clarity.

Relationships are tough and had I listen to this song in my younger years, those relationships could have been worked out without the drama that pervades in such environments.

Will I ever be the same?


SPA_CES is an experimental collaboration between Orange County, CA Hip Hop artist Zenaloa and beatmaker Junio who are set to release their long-awaited debut album in June 2013. Their latest track Thirty Three features Long Beach crooner Ariano – an underground MC/singer who has shared the stage with rap’s luminaries – WuTang Clan, The Visionaries, LMNO, and Beat Junkies to name a few. Visit Zenaloa at


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