EXCLUSIVE: The French Touch Connection – MICROSILLON

Microsillon TFTC

After spending over 20 hours listening to The French Touch Connection’s latest release MICROSILLON – I had to pinch and slap myself a few times to make sure I was still alive because after I removed myself from the zone, I had this intense and personal feeling of being a part of each beatmakers (hereafter known as beat scholars) music creating process – it was surreal.

It was an experience that is only envisioned when putting long and studious hours in listening to their craft – I was a student, in their symposium, with a taste for cautious observation and the 24 tracks were each a different idea for how to make the world better through music.

The fact that beat scholars from Greece, Argentina, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, United States, and France came together to share their work redefines my personal optimism that it’s not politicians who make the world go ‘round, but beat scholars – who each contributed their own flavor, experiences, patches of history, and cultural representations of their geographical regions, making Microsillon an artistically savvy project living within a spirit of rebellion that moves the air around the world.

As each track played – each beat scholar had something important to say. Their words were not lost in sound – their words are the sound!  Just pay close attention and you’ll hear the conversations taking place inside the symposium. Ideas are being shared through music, and the range of topics are “across the board,” thus becoming an academic experience.

As I stood still and took mental notes – I allowed the music to take over my thoughts and direct them as necessary – to educate and stimulate me – to reenergize my soul and regroup my brain cells.

As Billa Qause ends Microsillon with ‘More Than You Know” it became clear that I have this tremendous respect for each and every one of the contributors. Each track was inspired by “old French music titles” meant to pay tribute to “old vinyls, French culture, and worldwide,” more importantly, each track was phenomenally inspirational.

MICROSILLON includes production from notable beat scholars Roger Molls, Fred Yaddaden, Gadget, Diabi, Mr. Moods, Es-k, Proleter, SmokedBeat, Öster, Milka, Neemah, Medl4, DarkSide, Oldy Clap Recordz, Kognitif, Bila Qause, Frenic, Mani Deiz, Pawcut, Gabz (Le Gouffre), Darkside, Soade, Rhythum, Kill Emil, Nestor Kéa, Erik Jackson, and Reple 369.

*****Check out their individual profiles by clicking on their names.

Album info:
Mastering by Mr Moods (except Kill Emil – Abanico)
Artwork by Marius Beauffre

***All track were exclusively made for MICROSILLON – please contact each artist before using their tracks.

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