Exclusive: The Jazz Jousters – Touching Bass with Buster Williams

Touching Bass

Touching Bass is The Jazz Jousters 19th collective project that pays homage to American jazz bassist Buster William and his song “Pygmy’s Lullaby.” This project features collaborative production from RickMal, Gadget, B 3 N B i, Blue Buttonz, Es-K, Slim the Chemist, and Bones The Beat, who also contributed to the making of the album cover.

Born in Camden, New Jersey on April 17, 1942 – Buster Williams’ career literally began that day. His father was a bassist who played in various night gigs to support Buster and his siblings. In an interview, Williams said “my father was my teacher. He would prepare my lessons for me…and when I got home from school I was suppose to practice.” Because of his father’s teachings, Buster had no choice but to perform at his best everyday.

By 1959 – at the age of 17, Williams had began working with legendary jazz musicians Jimmy Heath (of the Heath Brothers), Gene Ammons (known as “The Boss”), and saxophonist Sonny Stitt. As a sideman for Gene, he helped him release Dig Him! and Boss Tenors in 1961 as well as The Boss is Back and Brother Jug! in 1969.

In his 54 years as a musician, Buster Williams went on release over 60 albums, most of which were collaborations with Nancy Wilson, Chet Baker, Chick Corea, Miles Davis, Bobby Hutcherson, and most notably Herbie Hancock – who he collaborated with between 1969-1977 and produced five albums: Fat Albert Rotunda, Mwandishi, Prisoner, Sextant, and VSOP. Only ten album were solo projects.

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