HEY WTF Records presents LOVE LETTER


If you were to write with sounds instead of words on a blank piece of paper, after 30 minutes of lovemaking with rhythms inside your mind – LOVE LETTER is the end results of what you’ve been trying to express. This album is presented by HEY WTF Records, Boston-based record label comprised of “crazy kids making cassettes and other awesome stuff.” LOVE LETTER is, obviously, love-themed and it features some of the baddest beatmakers in the world TODAY.

The likes of Patchley, Cypria, Summer Occasion, Trey MichaelsBKBROWN, Handbook, Melodiesinfonie, P.SUS, Vanilla, Amin PaYne, BeatGates, Mike Wagz, The Paramedics, Dil Withers, Brian to Earth, and Amin PaYne – lend their hands in making this album one of the best this year.

****Click on each individual name to direct you to the respective artist page.

HeyWTF Records – facebook // twitter // website


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