REVIEW: Millennium Jazz Music – Pack of Randoms pt. 2

PackOfRandoms 2

London record label Millennium Jazz Music released their second part of their Pack of Randoms roster collaboration series that features a wide range of talents; vocals from Seeking Shaler (fka Emma Louise) on Femme Fatale and Velocity on Darkness and Pain – fully equipped and backed by a very special arsenal of new and exclusive production by Gadget, Skinnista, Blue Buttonz, Diligent Fingers, DJ Jonny Jazz, and Velocity, who are known for their seminal work as The Jazz Jousters.

But Pack of Randoms are not The Jazz Jousters – their approach to the music on these particular projects are more based on expanding their capabilities as as music makers by enacting a journey of freelancing optimism.

For example, on Femme Fatale – Gadget proves to us he’s more than a beat-maker, per se – rather he goes about showcasing his producer talents of mixing and arranging the seductive vocals of Seeking Shaler, who does an incredible job of composing, writing, and performing “Femme Fatale.” The overall song quality is impressive – I could never imagine Mozart’s Revision off the Pure Dopeness album to be such a enjoyable piece of art with Seeking Shaler, she’s amazing.

Skinnista blew me away with Cloak and Dagger. The rhythm of the track reminds of a flickering light source that moves beyond it’s stationary position, meaning the track travels throughout space, unapologetically – it’s fluid in nature and rabid in its groove.

Blue Buttonz took me on a short vacation while listening to Waking Up in Brazil but then reminded me of how lonely a night can be with Another Night Alone – not only did he provides us a “night and day” inspired tracks – his production range involves a laid back tune on one end and an introspective on the other end. Very clever on his behalf.

Dilingent Fingers’ beat Rough with the Smooth makes me think, literally. There’s something about his beats which I have yet to figure out –  it reminds me of a well traveled person who does not say much but his or her actions speak louder than words. And lastly, Darkness and Pain hits you right on the heart – poetically. It’s a track that revolves around the life of Velocity’s struggles as he attempts to overcome and maintain a championship mentality. DJ Jonny Jazz handled co-production duties.

Pack of Randoms will come off as a variation of the Rat Pack, in music format, but nonetheless this dynamic group of talented musicians have scratched the surface and it’s only a matter of time before their work is recognized – they are genuine and spirited souls who will continue to impress, one EP at a time.

Album Name:          Pack of Randoms pt. 2
Date Released:        March 10, 2013
Genre(s):                 Hip Hop Jazz, Experimental, Instrumental
Location:                 London, United Kingdom


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