The Jazz Jousters meet Don Rendell – Shades of Blue

The Jazz Jousters are brought to you by Millennium Jazz Music, an international Hip Hop – Jazz and Jazz orientated music community that manage the “Lab Off” sessions including podcast showcasing various musical talent from all across the globe.


Shades Of Blue pays tribute to English jazz musician and composer Don Rendell – who was known for his work as a flute, clarinet, and tenor and soprano saxophone player. The original Shades of Blue was written by jazz pianist and composer Neil Ardley and released on Don Rendell/Ian Carr Quintet‘s Shades of Blue album in 1965 via EMI/Columbia.

Millennium Jazz’s Shades of Blue session features contributing production from Smoked Beat, RickMal, Gadget, B 3 N B i, Blue Buttonz, Es-K, and Bones The Beat Head, who also designed the album cover.

Born in Plymouth, England on March 4, 1926 – Don Rendell’s career started at the age of 14 with an Alto Sax but didn’t begin to play professionally in bands until 1944 while doing tours with the U.S.O and his involvement with various dance bands throughout the late 40’s.

In 1950 he became member of John Dankworth’s septet and by 1953 had departed and started to gig as a soloist in various London jazz clubs which led to the founding of his own bands. He worked with the likes of Tony Crombie, Ted Heath, Stan Kenton,  in 1959 he played with Woody Herman‘s Anglo-American Herd, and finally played in a band that accompanied Billie Holiday when she toured the UK.

By 1963 Don Rendell and Ian Carr has formed their quintet that performed and recorded for seven years – they became “one of UK’s premiere small ensemble jazz groups” after having released five albums including Shades of Blue in 1965 and Change Is in 1969 – one of their most influential albums was Live at the Union in 1966.

Don Rendell’s career spanned over 50 years that produced 18 solo and compilation albums and although he may not have been as commercially successful as other jazz musicians, his musical work speaks within legendary terms if you ask the Jazz Jousters.


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