Moovmnt – The Future of Funk 3

The Future of Funk

Moovmnt brought you the last Future of Funk mix in 2011 and with a new website online, Moovmnt thought it was about time they picked up where they left off.

01 Teeko – Tenshun (You and I are You)
02 Onra – Hold Tight
03 Benedek – That’s My Jam! (Benedek’s Midnight Cruiser Mix)
04 JtotheC & The Bad Mothas – Sweet Rendez-Vous (Billy Palmier Remix)
05 SoulParlor & Amalia – I Ain’t Crazy (Don’t Need Ya)
06 Suff Daddy – Take’em To The Kiosk
07 Vanilla – Midnight
08 East Liberty Quarters – Rollin’
09 Maseratay – Never Let You Go
10 Inkswel – Over It Ft. Reggie B
11 First Touch – You Got It Baby
12 Sure Thing – Holding You Tight
13 Kutcorners – Diamond Ft. Curtis Santiago
14 Wagon Cookin – All The Night Ft. Gabriela Smith

Moovmnt – facebook // twitter // website


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