REVIEW: Natural Chemistry – Natural Chemistry EP

Natural Chemistry EP

Inspired by Flying Lotus and Burial, Natural Chemistry’s new self-titled debut album mixes hip-hop and deep dubstep with an unmatched display of synth work. Their latest effort takes Hip Hop to another dimension of sound innovation by adding melodies that resonate well with industrial music and science fiction narratives, essentially marrying the future lineages of sound together to form what could be offspring.

Their debut album invites the listener into the worlds of Moz and Cold Is, the co-creators of their musical universe, who together test the listener’s ability to undergo and cope with the psychological intimidation of innovation, a process that involves sound fermentation and is later refined and converted into a specially made concoction that delivers a sonic quality for esoteric listeners.

What’s fascinating about this album is the roller coaster of mood, for example, The Intro is the beginning of an indoctrination process that leads the listener to a babel-like existence of sound, as if you’re entering a space harmonized by sheer objection. With harsh alarm synths blaring, you start to wonder if Natural is really the best way to describe the Chemistry amongst you and sound. But then as you travel into the album you start to hear different characters through sound.

Into Alone transitions the harshness of the Intro by mellowing its tones with warm lead synths and a voice sample that also contributes to the mellow feeling. But just when you’re about to get settled into your seat, Remorse comes in and your body is jumping, it is a high-energy track whose melodies are reminiscent to a Drake inspired track, leaving an impression that this album is far from over. Hostage Situation and Skunk Warrior – end the short EP on a high note – they are two of the most tale-telling songs that make you wonder if this EP is really part of a larger project working in the background.

Nevertheless – Natural Chemistry is in a world with few inhabitants – a Tron-like world where science fiction, video games, and computer programming all form around music – innovation is necessary for their progress.

Rating:       5/5

Natural Chemistry was released via Quartel Records – Zagreb, Croatia based record label founded by Producer BeatGates.

Quartel Records – facebook // twitter // youtube

Album Info:
Album Name:                 Natural Chemistry EP
Date Released:               March 8, 2013
Genre(s):                         Ambient, Electronic, Beats, Hip Hop
Location:                         Zagreb, Croatia
Cover Design:      


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