Phane – Heart8

Phane - Heart8

Phane’s Heart8 album is built around a dark, emotional and raw production, and feature slow tempos and rumbling bass, using piano as the main instrument. His music incorporates various vocal samples from movie scenes, interviews and soul music. His emotional compositions express feelings of love, death, hurt and deal with subject matter such as sex, money, and relationships. He credits neo-tango, trap, classical and hip hop music as main influences in his production style by taking different musical elements from different genres and putting up together to create new songs.
The album was created over a span of approximately 8 weeks from January to March 2013 and Phane is credited for the music production of the whole album, art direction, Heart8 logo, graphics video montages and PR.  – Source: Phane

Album tracklist:
01. interlude for love // 02. my dark tango // 03. je t’aime // 04. tattoo // 05. what is love // 06. lovesick // 07. money // 08. a man’s world // 09. hb // 10. ugly // 11. lovetrap // 12. heart8 // 13. devils // 14. kill you FT. SEZ // 15. voices // 16. interlude for death // 17. don’t go

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