UMBRA, Latin for “shadow,” is the “innermost and darkest part of a shadow, where the light source is completely blocked” and the “observer in the UMBRA experiences a total eclipse.” That is exactly how K15’s new EP UMBRA can be best described, where the listeners mind gets darkened, away from the lights, glitz, and glamour that everyday living brings about, providing the listener a quick retreat from momentary uproar of thoughts that pervade our breathing moments.

UMBRA provides the listener a sense of weightlessness, similar to how allowing one’s body float on saltwater –the pool of sounds; each water molecule nestled in its region waiting to be mobilized at the listener’s mental breaststroke; the waves help transport the listener into seventh heaven. As your eyes shut, you begin slipping into a realm in where sound now controls your every breathe – echoing voices, slow riding bass-lines, melodic synths, and soft-core drum patterns are pathways laboriously invested in your journey. This realm is what is called “The Grid,” the circuitry of veins that connect your entire system, as each song plays – it dumps notes that act as messengers of tranquility, whose mission is to calm the epicenter of your UMBRA.

By the time Arcadia arrives – 8 minutes have elapsed, enough for several of earth species to have lived an entire lifetime. ENJOY!

K15 – myspace / twitter / soundcloud


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