Fly By Night Collective – Nightfly Vol. 1

Nightfly  Vol 1 - Fly By Night Collective

International music collective FlyByNight released their anticipated album Vol. 1 that features an expansive roster of beat-makers from Vista, CA through the US and across the pond into the UK and into Croatia. Brought together by hip-hop, these beat makers unleash a furious sound that captivates the listeners and brings them into their realm of enthusiastic sample chops and sniper rifle drum taps. Something like a dream in where you are in control and you decide on how the patterns shall be driven.

Contributing beatmakers – Beat Gates, Oliver Palfreyman, rxn, KidMみ , Ketone, ROMAINNN, Chaos Kid, Creambeats, The Deity Complex, Soul Monk, Ezeroh1, Cosmic Quest, Verzo, and JR_SWIFTZ.

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