EXCLUSIVE: Chase Moore – Shaken Not Stirred

Chase Moore - Shaken Not Stirred

Imagine James Bond driving in his Aston Martin down a winding road somewhere in Eastern Europe – on his day off. It’s not rock, jazz, or orchestra music he is listening to, it’s Chase Moore‘s recent release “Shaken Not Stirred.”

You see, James Bond is a Hip Hop guy at heart, well! at least the new guy, and the movies don’t show you that part, because it’s essentially the secret behind Bond’s success as a 007 spy agent. What Bond likes about this album is the uniqueness of sample selection as well as additional instrumentation that allows Bond to transition from old to new and transcend time and boundaries, which continues to make him a cultural icon to this day.

Chase Moore offers us 007 of his best renditions of the James Bond soundtrack music including voice grabs from the films.

FYI, when Bond is not listening to Chase Moore, he’s listening to Hippie Sabotage.

Learn Moore about the James Bond of Hip Hop, let the Chase begin!



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