Darkside and Reple 369 – Dates

Darkside and Reple 369

Reple 369 & Darkside is a nonprofit society, composed by Dario Gonzalez Torres and Ariel Romero who come to us from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Some of you may have heard of Darkside who is a scholarly contributor to The French Touch Connection’s ‘Night Walk in the Past.’

Dates is the name of their debut release, containing 10 tracks including 1 bonus track (Psycho) feat. Miss Lagoon

“Our purpose is to fuse our limited knowledge on beat-making and share the results…We have no goal but to create and share…”

Album info:
Released 01 January 2013

Darkside is Ariel Romero.
Reple 369 is Dario Gonzalez Torres: soundcloud.com/repleznflowcrew
Srta Lagoon: soundcloud.com/loolalagoon
Album design – Alex Cardona: www.facebook.com/alex.cardona.522

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