EXCLUSIVE: Jenova 7 – The Sounds of Sector 7

Jenova 7 - Sound of Sector 7

Jenova 7, as some may know him from his collaboration with Mr. Moods, recently released The Sounds of Sector 7, the long awaited and long delayed album. Sounds of Sector 7 is characterized as a “raw beat tape” composed of a “dusted, grimy, and elusive” collection of “post-apocalyptic” trip-hop from the “deepest, darkest” part of a city that collapsed. Imagine 28 days or I am Legend-type of mood.

As Jenova 7 would further explain: “…the origins of the sounds were lost with the collapse of the city, but the tapes still survive as a relic of those who once dwelt in the abyss. The slums were always derelict. The children dreamt of the scarce beauty of distant lands – a place where pollution hadn’t yet suffocated the last oasis of Gaia.”

Download today, either as FREE or through a generous donation. The digital download features the bonus track “The Honesty Test.”

Visit Jenova 7 in the lost oasis of Gaia

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