REVIEW: Hamdan Al-Abri – Hamdan Al-Abri (Self-titled)

by Edgar Roman

Hamdan Al-Abri

Hamdan Al-Abri is a Dubai born and raised singer/songwriter who released his self-titled debut album on October 27, 2011. Comprised of five tracks: Falling, (Re)Birth, The Yearning, Life, and Here, each song categorically places the listener in self-reflection with thought provoking topics, such as life, love, and death, that ask many questions and burns holes through your heart. Whether a new, broken, or repaired heart, his voice and lyrical attributes display top notch range that compares to no other – his musical content will resurface and realign the simple everyday doubts of referenced topics we experience and reissue a soothing perspective.

If anyone dares compare this man’s voice to another man’s voice – they are not only doing a disservice to his music, but his unique capacity as a vocal producer, a voice that infectiously caters emotionally driven tunes straight to your heart. The production is like a needle and his voice is the medicine that is slowly injected into you. His lyrics are your own unique translating thoughts that arise as a result of the medicine, a good dose!

A little about Hamdan Al-Abri album – “The concept of the EP was to create it like a diary of his thoughts and experiences at that very moment in time, a part of himself that he leaves behind in this world, bare, for all to see, feel, enjoy and relate to. The lyrics are laid on a sound-scape of chopped up samples, instruments and harmonies.”

Album produced by Yasser Anderson except “The Yearning” – produced by Hamdan and “Here” – co produced with Rami Lakki

Album Name:          Hamdan Al-Abri (self-titled)
Date Released:        October 27, 2011
Genre(s):                  Experimental Soul
Location:                  Dubai, UAE

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