SINGLE: D3SKO – Rough Soul (prod by O’pe)

Rough Soul

D3SKO is an MC and beatmaker out of Orange County, CA. His latest single titled Rough Soul was produced by O’pe or Open Perspectives. Nice piano melody sample accompanied with some soft drums allow the lyrics to deliver their prescribed emotions in incremental doses. Let us know what you think?

To Be Continued
Look Deep Within You
Let My Rough Soul Free
And Show You What I’ve Been Through

Not A Day Goes By
Without Me Thinking Bout My Past
Im Not Stuck Im Just Glad
It Made Me Who I Am
The Lessons That I Learned
Only A Few Would Understand
And Whatever You Call Home
Is Truly Your Promised Land
Heaven Or Hell Is Determined
On What You Keep In Hand
And Keep In Mind Its Hard
To Turn The Other Cheek
When You Have A 40oz
Connected Where You Speak
A Drunken Mind Is An Honest Mind
Is What I Heard They Said
Expressing Myself Honestly
You Might Think That Im Drunk
Im Never Been Ashamed
Of The Person That I Are
Far Is Where Im Trying Go
We All Fall Like Dominos
But Thats A Different Sequence
My Family Split I Never Quit
Is My Reason
We All Got Our Secrets
But None Of Them Concern Me
I Got Enough Stress On My Back
For Me To Even Worry
Everybodys Time Will Come
So Why Live In A Hurry
And Ill Be FIne If Todays
The Day That I Get Buried
Hoping Im Worthy
For The Entrance To The Pearly Gates
Its Days Like These
That Make Me Feel A Little Strange
Wishing Nothing Changed

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