DLOAW – The Secret Garden (Various Artists)

The Secret Garden

DLoaw has compiled one of the best instrumental electronic music albums out there. With 21 producers from around the world and 22 tracks, The Secret Garden is simply an ensemble of many colorful and melancholy explosions; an complete eargasm. The music speaks for itself! FREE DOWNLOAD!

Make sure you support the artists involved in The Secret Garden.

Free Download HERE

Producer tracklist:

C MILLI : soundcloud.com/c-milli
CHAIRMAN MAF : soundcloud.com/chairmanmaf
CROOKRAM : soundcloud.com/crookram
FRAMEWORKS : soundcloud.com/frameworks
HASHFINGER : soundcloud.com/hashfinger
HUGO KANT : soundcloud.com/hugo-kant
JENOVA 7 : soundcloud.com/jenova-7
JIM : soundcloud.com/jim-beatmaker
JULIANO : soundcloud.com/juliano-5
KOGNITIF : soundcloud.com/kognitifofficial
Le MELODIST : soundcloud.com/lemelodist
L’ORANGE : soundcloud.com/lorangeproductions
MARCAS : soundcloud.com/marcas
MINDPLEASURE & FRIENDS :soundcloud.com/mindpleasureandfriends
MONONOME : soundcloud.com/mononome
NIK LAKER & BLOSSOM : soundcloud.com/nik-laker &soundcloud.com/lublossom
NYM : soundcloud.com/nym
POLDOORE : soundcloud.com/poldoore
ROGER MOLLS : soundcloud.com/roger-molls
TOR : soundcloud.com/torsmusic
TRAVELLING DAY : soundcloud.com/travelling-day

Artwork by DLoaw


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