SINGLE: Obvious Intentions \ Clavis feat. Desko and Glam Dolly

By Edgar Roman

Obvious Intentions

Clavis and Desko recently released a single titled Obvious Intentions ( produced by Desko), and in this track they remind us of their “never giving up and always staying true,” while conveying their honest intents, on why their lives act according to their environment without compromising their integrity. Mainly in the realm of music, where fame and the allure of money oftentimes redirects creative focus from achieving its essential purposes. On Obvious Intentions, Clavis and Desko explain their life and music experiences, one in a street level lyrical format, while the other on being openly poetic. As they communicate their desire of music – they include several reasons to the essence of their music endeavors; work ethic, family roots, and music as an “art” perception, firmly arranged around their struggles. Give this track a good listen and see what kind of wonders the mind creates.

Visit Desko

Visit Clavis

The R.E.C. Room coming soon!


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