REVIEW: Beat Gates – THROWBACK$ (2012)

By Edgar Roman


In the world of hip hop music there’s always talks about who’s taking their music back to the essence, back to the ‘golden age’ of grimy samples and drums patterns that went boom-bap. THROWBACK$ is a prime example of how one Croatian producer, Beat Gates, has achieved this musical accomplishment, by letting the music speak for itself, rather than allowing hype-ful words consume the imaginations of its listeners. But THROWBACK$ is not just taking you back to the ‘golden age,’ it’s reminding the listener of the past priorities, once embellished by Hip Hop prominence, and rerouting those priorities into the present, as a reminder that ‘golden age’ Hip Hop can thrive in contemporary musical ambiance.

Tracks like Schoolyard is a great example – the track pushes sample hints and drum patterns of Hip Hop’s most cherished samplee – James Brown. Schoolyard is not the limited variation of THROWBACK$ – tracks like By Your Side and City Dreams are examples of the musical range the 90’s offered, a rough-edged boom bap sound (By Your Side) and a R&B’ed it with City Dreams, À la AZ with some Ginuwine and maybe a Jay-Z feature. Another Day reminds me of a ’94 Nas rapping his mind out, while Are You Free? responds with a simple question in its quest for a complex answer, similar to the notions street corner poetry touted in 90’s Hip Hop music.  In Can’t Hide Love and Info for the Streets, you’ll hear hints of Wu-Tang Clan members spitting their street spiritual poetics. And lastly, Fallin’ is straight West Coast-ish – something like E-40, Too Short, and the old Snoop Dogg, back when he was Snoop Doggy Dogg.

THROWBACK$ is absolutely 90’s living in 2012/3 – a sweet treat for those old memories yearning for attention. In a 10 track instrumental album, there is a track that can stir up the pot of fainted memories.

Have fun listening and please remember to DOWNLOAD and SHARE with your Friends and Family.

Rating:                 Replay (6/5)

Album Name:        THROWBACK$
Date Released:      December 25, 2012
Genre(s):                Hip Hop, Instrumental, Beat-Tape
Location:                Zagreb, Croatia


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