AstroLogical – Citrus Harmony EP

Citrus Harmony EP

Marking the fifth solo release of his catalogue, AstroLogical’s ‘Citrus Harmony’ EP is a collection of jazzy hip-hop instrumentals that continue in the unique psychedelic spirit of his earlier works. Using a combination of chopped samples and live-recorded instruments, these six tracks feature a refreshing funk/jazz ambient sound that will quench your thirst for soulful melodies and grooves.

Be sure to pick up the latest release from the Potatohead People (AstroLogical & Nick Wisdom), click here.

Album Info
released 11 November 2012
All tracks produced by AstroLogical
Mastered by David Pimentel
**Track 6 mixed and mastered by Patrick Haggart
Cover photo by Tereza Tacic

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