EXCLUSIVE: Astral Basement – Vol. 1: Projections

By Edgar Roman

Astral Basement

While the unwary world was camping in their basements due to the impending “end of the world” fiasco, this particular group of 17 producers were fast pacing in their basements lining each star one by one, 34 of them to be exact. As some members were busy punching  drum pads and cleaning up wav files, the other members were packing away their most prized vinyls and sending last minute emails. You see! To this group, Astral Basement, what 12.22.12 meant to them was, a new beginning, one that produces a new sound but leaves no room for frugality of the mind –  a sound that enables Vol 1: Projections to bring about sustained clarity through its continuous release of space-inspired melodies and velvety-thumping drum patterns which emanate with each track. It’s like they knew what the 14th cycle is suppose to mean, not only to them, but to the world.

Welcome to a new dimension – where the stars a forever connected – where life is brought to its knees and simplified, only to be rebuilt at the cadence of Projections. Join us on this flight.

This project was brought to your by the good folks at Word Is Bond

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Album Info
released 22 December 2012
Total tracks: 34


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