EXCLUSIVE: The Jazz Jousters – Golden Moments with Wes Montgomery

by Edgar Roman

Golden Moments

In their 13th episode of Lab Off Season Two, Jazz Jousters scholar B 3 N B i introduced American Jazz guitarist Wes Montgomery’s ‘Golden Earrings,’ a track released under album ‘Going Out of My Head’ in 1965.

Born in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1923, Wes Montgomery was a self taught guitarist who became, and is considered, a major influential jazz guitarist of his time.  Having influenced  guitar players such as Jimi HendrixGrant Green, and Pat Metheny, to name a few, Wes went onto to releasing over 70 albums over a musical career that spanned 20 years, 1948-1968.

Wes did three record label stints – Riverside (1958-1964) in where he released his “most spontaneous jazz outings” during small-group sessions with Tommy Flanagan, James Clay, Victor Feldman, Hank Jones, and Johnny Griffin, producing over 30 albums in a six year period.  After Riverside went bankrupt, Wes moved onto Verve Records (1964-1966) in where he released album ‘Going Out of My Head’ and over 20 more albums including ‘Moving Wes’ and ‘California Dreamin.’ His final stint at A&M lasted from 1967-1968, producing three albums with Don Sebesky. He died on June 15, 1968 at the age of 45.

Golden Moments features production from Jaze Baqti, Es-K, Mr. Moods, Gadget, Bones the Beat Head, Blue Bottonz, The Specialists, DRTY DRDZ, Slim the Chemist, Joe Davies, and B 3 N B i.

Artwork provided by DJ Mentos

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