Monster Rally – Beyond the Sea LP


Cleveland native Monster Rally released his second LP titled Beyond the Sea on June 19, 2012. The album is a collection of exotic samples utilized in a psychedelic fashion that pushes the genre of Hip Hop to another dimension. Fat bass lines, wicked guitar riffs, and gritty organs are tamed by slivers of laid-back drum sounds; together forming a beautiful musical landscape that allows the listeners imagination to escape the treachery of the hustle and grind momentarily. The album is as colorful and experimental as its cover; but as first, the sounds might come as a complete shock, eventually as you allow the album to breathe, the sounds become instinctive. As I finished listening to the album – I wondered if what I listened to was part of my dream; it’s that real!

Rating:              Replay (6/5)

Also, if you’re in the San Diego, CA area, MONSTER RALLY is performing live at Soda Bar with Zochi, Mystery Cave, Sasquatch, DJ ADAMNT – TODAY December 6, 2012. Purchase tickets HERE.

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