EXCLUSIVE: Reno871 – Rest in Pieces EP

They say Hip Hop is dead! –

Hip Hop relocated to Mexico, actually Torreón, Coahuila where ‘she’ momentarily resides in the home of RENO, as him and his crew 871 offer ‘her’ southern comfort, love, and passion. You see, here’s the secret, Hip Hop is learning Spanish and ‘she’ personally told me “I want to extend my reach to over 407 million people who speak Spanish and gain as much market share so that I can remain relevant…times are changing…and I just want to change.” She insist that after her stay in Mexico, she will part for China and spend some time to learn the culture and language as well.

Lyrically, RENO is a refined underground rapper who went solo on his latest release “Rest in Pieces.” In the EP he displays an emotional barrage of words that confronts everyday struggles of life. Despite the darkness that surrounds the EP, his lyrics provide the listener a perspective of hope towards progression as a person and admiration and love for the genre which has allowed him to represent his environment in the most purest form. The album is honest – it was not created for market purposes but for mere pleasures in the presence of friends.

Here’s the details on RENO’s album –  “Rest In Pieces” is associated with the phrase “Rest in Peace.” It’s comprised of 6 tracks – produced, mixed, and mastered by Pakbel in OSUK Labs, which is their creative home-base and also has a co-production credit by Beat Prophezzor who is from the state of Zacatecas. The artwork was produced by Irregular Vision (Mime) in collaboration with Crisóntomo Casas. As previously mentioned, his crew is 871 and the team they work as – is called OSUK.

Feel free to check out his previous releases, Mala Fama and OSUK EP, both are equally impressive. When you download “Rest in Pieces” you’ll get 2 acapellas and 2 instrumentals.

It’s a FREE DOWNLOAD but if you have some cash you can contribute, please do so. They self-funded their albums and are looking to expand with a bigger studio and more equipment.

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