Chill Bump – Hidden Strings

Chill Bump is a hip hop/rap duo out of Tours, France that is comprised of Bankal (producer) who has made his mark respectively in the scratch battle scene and Miscellaneous (vocals), lead singer of Fumuj and Rytmétix whose musical collaborations include Doctor Flake and Metastaz. Their latest project “Hidden Strings” is a 5 song EP composed with sample and instrumental layers while the drum patterns capture the essence of rhythmic audio aromas that allow Miscellaneous’ delivery to breathe silently as it moves fluidly through the vanes of your speakers. It’s a short project but well worth the FREE download, this dynamic duo does not disappoint, they represent the Hip Hop culture well.

Album Info:
released 19 June 2012
All songs produced, written and recorded by Chill Bump @ “The Eighth Lab” in Tours, France.
Illustration by Rebecca Fezard

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