REVIEW: Keor Meteor – Sociology

Keor Meteor’s recent release Sociology, a 10 song instrumental album, examines general sociological characteristics and common politicized stereotypes of various groups of society, as revealed by the song titles and, through the sampling of media sound bytes.  In listening to the album carefully you can gather specific arguments and opinions made, of which derive from harangued cultures as a result of strong and well-funded media corps via biased “outsider” perspectives that have made their way into mainstream thought, thanks to the bygone era.

Keor Meteor does what a smartly sophisticated producer would do, produce an instrumental album without the assistance of a sometimes rash rapper, by incorporating those precious sample bytes that effectively allow Sociology to speak for  itself after every track.  It’s absolutely one of those albums that are replayed over again since the ideas substantially illuminate thought. The musicianship speaks for itself as well; it should be a crime not to download this album, it’s FREE.

But as always, drop a few $$$ to support independent artist such as Keor Meteor

This is your pre-Sociology 101 introduction. Have a great listen!

RATING:        REPLAY (6/5)




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