The Q4 – Sound Surroundings

The Q4 is a collaboration of three young Dutch producers: Arts the Beatdoctor, Sense and STW. Who, though they all work in rather similar ways, have a unique sound of their own…. The “Sound Surroundings” is the first product to come out of this project and because it’s entirely instrumental became a good expression of their original statement:  “Hip-Hop beats can evolve into something that is music by itself.”
About the album:
All instruments played by Arts, Sense and STW except:
*Scratches on “Intro” and “Trouble Dub” by DJ Genaro
*Saxophone on “Look Again” by Mick John-Hopkins
*Rhodes on “Split Personality Part II” by Guido “Quintessence” Maat
*Cello on ‘’Pulse’’ by Maciej Stachurski
All vocals recorded at Arts’ Tuinhuis except for “Pulse”, recorded at Sense’s Woonboot
Mixed & Mastered by Bas Vermolen for Arts The Beatdoctor Music

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