The Royal Breakspear Company EP

William Breakspear has teamed up with producers with rap sheets as long as Keyser Söze’s to bring you 6 tracks of fury. Starting with a swing / glitch hop heavy hitter from Mouldy Soul, the party moves to an 8-bit nintendo banger from Whitenoiseboy. Jiffster brings sunshine fueled summer skanky vibes and K+Lab adds his fire with a nasty baseline chugger. Krossbow & WB bring big techy baselines and moombahop drums whilst SPR Head honchos give their first ever collab an epic re-lick! A MUST BUY!!!

Check out The Royal Breakspear Company web scroll here –

Forthcoming on Skanky Panky – exclusively through

check out what else the guys are up to –

Breakspear –
Mouldy Soul –
SixAM –
Krossbow. –
K+Lab –
Jiffster –


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