GHprodu – Beats Overdue


GHprodu’s first release ‘Beats Overdue’ is composed of “fat bass lines [and] wicked samples, ” on one end, and live instrumentation on the other. Beats Overdue is a fusion old and new ideas developed into a fusion of artfully crafted musical notes with potential to produce an awesome “listening experience.” Imagine for a minute you’re about to embark on a train, and the only album you can listen to during the trip is Beats Overdue. Not too loopy, but with enough changes in tempo and pattern to keep your mind busy, while you settle in a cushion seat and the enjoy the liberty of being chauffeured, courtesy of the public transportation system. There’s enough live instrumentation, this fact, will make a “straight off the record into MPC” sampling producer jealous of the feat the album accomplishes. Amazingly bright synth pianos and cloud nine-like guitar melodies illuminate the landscapes of all songs and the energy of each song sweats upon you a Maui-like blizzard of rain. The pineapple rain drops, silently landing on your skin peacefully whispering “thank you for the soft landing.”

This a definite DOWNLOAD, FREE!


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